13 Randon facts About Viper Crimson..

1. Im a very spiritual person NOT religious ..Spiritual! I believe bits and pieces of all religion..but for the most part I believe I was suppose to be born in the 70's lol because Im all about world peace, love , and embracing everyone no matter what.

2.I L O V E Pomergranate!!!! Any scent, food, color etc.. that has pomergranate!

3. I Hate onions! BUT I love onion rings or onions on franks lol


5.I believe everyone should take out time in their week no matter what to work on their fitness.

6. I have embraced Crystal meditation..and it is ammmmmmaaazzzing!

7. I Love Loving and I Love S E X.

8. I Live for zebra print!

9.My Favorite colors are: Gold, Electric Blue, Seafoam green, CRIMSON, Coral.

10.One day I just want to buy a ranch in brazil where you can be naked all the time and run around in the meadows, have tea all throughout the day and not having to worry about anything.

11. I want a career in Kama Sutra. I believe that sex can heal anything! BUT you have to truely love someone and of course no what your doing to experience the best sex. Sex is a powerful thing almost and if not more powerful than the mind.

12.I HATE POLKA DOTS!!!!!!..I think they look so cheap! IDK they just make my blood boil! The only polka dot item I liked was Jellie's Hot pink one with a cheetah print star on it.

13. I Love "Jones' Fufu Berry" Soda!!!!!! and of course I Love "Fiji" Drinking Water!!

These were just of the top of my head.Hope you enjoyed!

Tell me what are your 11 random facts!

.Viper Crimson.

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