16 Random Facts About Jellie

1. I have to eat candy after every meal I eat

2.I L O V E Sexy Pumps!!

3.I dislike ghetto and dirty people!


5.Im a white girl! LOL

6.I live for rock music! I rock out with my tits out!

7.I want 4 more piercings on my body.

8.Im attracted to dark-skinned boys

9.I have 3 different fashion styles. Today I might be a boy and tomorrow I might be a girl.

10. I used to be a tomboy when I was younger.

11.I don't express myself to well, I keep alot of things to myself.

12.I hate my hair curly. I would soooo rather have my hair straight.

13. I kiss boys and lead them on! lol

14.My favorite color is black

15.My shoe size is 4.

16.Iam the number one party pooper.

It's JELLIE Bitch!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I do not believe your #8. unless we have totally changed our perference..because last time I remember it was boys 5'5ft and yellow!!...[lol]