Being "Normal" And Knowing Your Self Worth!

I know I have recently posted a blog and talked about "normalcy" and I would like to elaborate and go further into detail with that. Popular Culture has made it OK for girls AND guys to be 5'10 and weigh 100 pounds. So is that our new "normal'?. I have always asked myself "What IS normal?" I Know IAM Normal!..In MY world. People are always judging others when they see something that is uncommon and are constantly worried about what others are doing. in reality we should be worried about whats going on in Africa!!!, teaching people to accept others for who they are, to love themselves no matter what. I always spread the message of breaking the mold and not allowing yourself to be catagorized in what society wants you to be just so you can fit in.
Don't allow people to place labels on you!! YOU ARE NOT A PRODUCT!!!!!

For those who have always been put down . been underestimated all the time and have been under a microscope for evey move you made..Now is your time!!!! Don't feel any kind of resentment toward those people because they were your push in life to get you where you are now!

I know for experience what it feels like to be underestimated and to be people's "Hot Topic" in their conversations. I know that peoples opinions are like assholes, everyone as one! People are alwas going to have a preconcieved notion about you, until you decide to join their "normal" group then the notions will be placid but you know what YOU ARE STILL GOING TO BE THEIR CENTER OF ATTENTION!.

So why try to be "normal" in others perspective when you can just be yourself. I always had the need to ask my friends and myself of course : WHAT IS YOUR SELF WORTH?? This question can relate to everything in life from business to relationships. when you are in a relationship you have to know your self worth so you can determine your standards and how people treat you and what you wil and will not put up with. When you go into a deal regarding business you have to know your self worth from the jump!. YOU have to determine your self worth.

From now on I want you to ask yourself in every aspect and situation that you come across in life, WHAT IS YOUR SELF WORTH?

.Viper Crimson.

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