The Grand Finale Valentino Style

Valentino's Final Bow

Valentino is bringing the curtain down on his 45th year as one of the world's most famous fashion designers at the Rodin Museum in Paris. The Italian famed for his lipstick red dresses has dressed generations of the world's most glamorous women and led a life as flamboyant as his creations. His retirement is being heralded as the ending of an era of great designers with the modern fashion business having little room for such larger than life personalities. Valentino in his turn has made clear his feelings about the modern industry. "Business is ruining fashion," he said. "There is little creativity and too much business."

The celebration of Valentino's 45th year in couture this summer turned out to be the beginning of the end for the famed designer.

Calling it "the perfect moment to say goodbye," Valentino Garavani plans to leave his couture house in January at age 75, Reuters reports. Following his last ready-to-wear collection in October, his final haute couture show will be shown in Paris in January.

Lipstick Red Dresses Will Always Carry Valentino's Signature.

.Viper Crimson

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