Make Me Supermodel: Holly

So the Finale episode of BravoTV's Make Me Supermodel aired and i was hoping either Shannon(i love tall girls) or Holly won, and just as i thought the southern bell Holly won. I love it. Holly is a beautiful girl, i believe she will go far.

Here's a lil somethin about Miss Supermodel Holly...

Holly grew up on top of a mountain in the heart of Appalachia in a very strict and traditional family. She has overcome many hurdles in her life, including suffering third degree burns on her face after graduating high school, but she credits her ability to overcome these struggles to her faith. She now lives with her fiancé in Miami and is struggling to jump-start her modeling career. She describes herself as sassy, outspoken and quick witted. In her spare time, she enjoys running and spending time at church.

Here's Some More Photos of Holly....





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Anonymous said...

Congrats to her...but I def wanted Ben to win!! WIN BEN WIN!! I was kind of in shock..I def thought the "boys" where there for Mr. Ronnie..but I guess america loves a southern squirrel eating chick!!