Mr. And Mrs. Jayonce` !

(Flowers arrived at Jay-Z's apartment on Friday afternoon)

A variety of reports have confirmed that Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter and Beyonce Knowles did in fact get married on Friday, April 4th after 6 years of dating. The exclusive ceremony took place at a undisclosed location in NYC and was followed by a reception at Jay’s Tribeca apartment complex. The loft was Located Downtown Manhattan at:

195 Hudson Street!

195 Hudson Street!

195 Hudson Street!

Supposed Celebrity Guest included: Solange, Kelly and Michelle , Kanye West, Gwenyth Paltrow and her husband Chris Martin and more.

As many of you know, Jayonce`holds the number 4 very close and dear to their hearts. Remember that post we made about the rumors about their marriage and tattoos they got late last year with the number 4 on their ring fingers? ( Jay-Z was born on December 4th, Beyonce was born on September 4th and they got married on April 4th 2008.)
I Just Hope That Mrs. Tacky Tina Knowles didn't design her dress!! But Of course BB had to look flawless. I hope at least she leaks some photos from the BIG day and gives us the scoop on everything! STOP BEING SO SELFISH BITCHONCE`!!!!


.Viper Crimson.

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Anonymous said...

Congrats...its about dayum time...but one quick question...isnt the bride ONLY supposed to wear white on here wedding day?? So why the hell does Kelly, Michele and who everelse have on white??..hmm..maybe this isn't a wedding but just another "WHITE PARTY" hosted P.Diddy. [sigh] o well!