New Beyonce` Song Leaked!

" KICK ME OUT" Click Link To Listen:http://www.zshare.net/file-404.html

A New Beyonce` song leaked and sources say that the song was leaked the same day that Kelly Rowland's re-release of Miss Kelly! I mean I love BB and she always claims that the media exaggerates things and that there is no competition going on..But sometimes I wonder does she really mean that? but yet again have you heard Kelly's Album?uuughhhh she is all over the place with her sound. I respect that she loves all genres of music but her sound doesn't quite do it for me. Am I alone on that?
Did You Hear BB's Other Leaked Song? T2W.ORG has the scoop on her "Beautiful Nightmare":http://think2wice.org/2008/03/beyonce-beautiful-nightmare
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