Raquel Reed For Tomtomfashions

Iam in love with this photo! I Love Raquel Reed! She is what I call "Original Uniqueness", Remember when you used to get picked on in school for having you own personal style and looking different? And Now all of a sudden people come ask you for fashion advice?! You see people now a days follow every trend just to fit in . The last 2 years allowed people to finally embraced a new level of fashion (Thanks to the "retro" style) .This new trend which is " Being Unique" has alot of people's minds confused let me elaborate just because you dont' match and you look colorful doesnt make you unique!! People copy off eachothers style and claim that they are "different" when in reality they look a hot mess! Being unique is allowing your imagination to define who you are in what you wear. Im not trying to say following fashion trends is wrong! I just think if you so choose to follow them make them your own! Im not trying to downplay the "retro" style but the people who started know how to work their clothing. The only thing is people are now claiming "retro" by wearing a plain tee shirt some skinny jeans and a colorful hat..not "retro". Stop xeroxing and start your own trend! Allow people to view your personality without them even getting to know you and embrace you personal style!

To view more pictures and more information on Raquel Reed visit : www.myspace.com/ewraquel

Its Viper Crimson bitch!

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