Slow Leak: Angelinas Baby Bump

The beautifully pregnant with twins, Angelina Jolie, was spotted signing autographs for fans after leaving the “Iraq, Education, and Children of Conflict” on Tuesday at the Washington Club to talk about Foreign Relations in Washington, D.C. She looks like shes glowing! More like a baby basketball. I guess she didnt go maternity clothes shopping yet, because here she is in this red carpet gown. I love Angelina i wonder what these babies are going to look like, Because she is in fact having twins. It seems as though they will be gorgeous look at there gene pool.

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Anonymous said...

I mean I don't really care for her to much after she hurt my girl Jenny Ann..[lol]..and why the hell is she in a gown...ugh...get your damn p.a to go shopping for you since you seem to have no time to do it yourself. ....this is utterly RIDICKUSLUST!!