Yo Watch This! Kelly Rowland "Comeback"

That ComeBack? I dont know about this song but Miss Kelly looks gorgeous in this video. The video itself is a lil cheap, and the song is catchy but ehh i've heard better. I must say those legs and that body and that face is sitting pretty. Lets see how this one does....

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zyairasha said...

1. She is a beauty.
2. Sounds great.
3. Has created her own little booty pop..[move over B]
4.The guy is o so handsome..[yummy]

1. Kind of boring video.
2. The style of clothing looks like a mix of B's "Naughty Girl" and Kelly's " Like This"

So the postive beat the negatives..so I say its a go!!
Plus people say I remind them of her..so she better be a go!! HAHAH