The Lifestyle: Chanel Iman

The gorgeous Chanel looking so radiant at the Costume Gala. She looked gorgeous in Phillip Lim stepping ofcourse. She also talked about herself and fellow black models shooting the all black Vogue Italia. Dunn has been rumored to make the cover, although it hasnt been confirmed yet, but Chanel is all smiles about it.

"I’d be surprised [if I am]," she said. "If I did that would be amazing, but if I don’t, I’ll get it the next time." Like Zac Posen, Phillip came down the carpet with Chanel as well. "Tonight she’s Swirly Girl," Lim explained. "Her power is to seduce you and mesmerize you with the spiral swirls. And the belt and the cuffs are inspired by Wonder Woman. And I’m just a chaperone to make sure all the swirls are in check." I am so happy for this young ambitious, and beautiful girl. She's becoming a Fashion Icon.

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Anonymous said...

YES!!..I adore her yet at the same time I am a tad bit jealous!..Can that even be possible?..[lol]..