Eva Mendes: Calvin Klein

Eva Mendes attended the official launch party for ACP magazine’s `30 Days of Fashion & Beauty`at the Intercontinental Hotel on Thursday in Sydney, Australia. The Dress wasnt all that. Eva also had to defend her new Calvin Klein commercial recently, because too much of her nipple was showing.

“It makes me more proud. I’m sure if it was for some kind of independent brand that wasn’t as iconic as Calvin Klein, I don’t think I would have done it because that’s too much of a risk…But when it’s Calvin Klein and it’s (fashion photographer) Steve Meisel shooting you and you get to be a part of this amazing iconic brand and their legacy, you just kind of go for it.”

I think she is absolutely correct its not tasteless, and she looks great.
As for the nipple showing its barely showing, grow up its just a breast.


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