And another one

And so...I like this one way better
nothing against the first one but this one has a better concept.

Ryan recently wrote a disclaimer about both videos stating that he liked both the videos

"For the record, I am very happy with both of my videos and what they represent. The first one that I shot with Diane Martel was a statement about the need for more diversity in the fashion business. I had just come from checking out the runways in Milan and aside from the DSquared2 show, I saw very little diversity represented. That video was a chance for me to work with a very strong female director and some under-exposed talent in the modeling world. The style is simple and photographic.

This video represents a different and just as important side of me: the imaginative, cinematic side. I worked with Aaron Platt and John Monopoly to make this tale of a stalker super-fan (played by Jeannena Flores from my 'Diamond Girl' movie) come to life. Starring Jaslene Gonzales (winner of America's Next Top Model) and featuring cameos by collaborators Fabolous and Swizz Beats, this video finds me in studio, shopping with my girl, and catching her as she falls - swooning unconsciously from my stalker's poisoned libation. (The text message at 3:55 reads "WE WILL BE TOGETHER xxoxoxoxoxo")"

I guess you read and weep....and as for the whole "Where's Cassie" he spoke on that too....

"I know, I know - where's Cassie???? To be honest, I had a big vision for this song to be a massive worldwide duet between me and her - the artist that introduced my music to the world in a huge way. For a long time, I've wanted to have a video that shows the incredible chemistry we've had as friends and collaborators. "Long Way To Go" was close, but we weren't in any frames together aside from when she snapped her fingers at me on the way into the club. Disney had cut together a clip for "Is It You", a record I'd written for her on the 'Step Up 2: The Streets' soundtrack, but never officially released it as a single/video. It featured her in character as Sophie rehearsing the song with me at the piano. Due to her hectic schedule recording this new album, she wasn't available to shoot either 'Addiction' video with me and so I'm working on another collaboration/single for her album that deserves a video - unless I can convince her to do one for "Sometimes" or even "Just One Nite" (both songs I would love to see visually interpreted)."

t h e o d o r e

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Jayne Neverow said...

Ooh...I wonder what was in the drink.
I freakin' love Ryan Leslie and Cassie is gorgeous. She should have had a cameo in this vid.