"Keeps Gettin' Better"

Christina Aguilera Is Back!!!! She has emerged with a new sound and a new look! I really don't know what to expect from her, she's always reinventing her image (which I love). Let's see if she is going to claim the " Pellegrino Effect".

As MTV interviewed Christina Aguilera for her VMA performance, this Sunday Sept, 7, 2008, she had this to say:

"You're going to get a first look and a first listen at my new image
and my new sound," she said. "The last album, the style and sound was about
vintage glam — this one is all about the future."

I honestly can't wait to see her perform"Keeps Gettin Better" from her forthcoming best-of collection of the same title (due November 10th in the UK and a day later in the US).

LISTEN: http://www.979kissfm.com/pages/christinasnewsingle.html

Are You Feelin' It?

Will you be watching her VMA performance?

Signed Sincerely,

.Viper Crimson.

P.S- "The Pellegrino Effect"- the "aaahhhh" refreshing feeling when you absorb anything with your 5 senses.

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D a v e said...

I dig her new style and have mad love for it....