Video Music Awards 2008

Ok so the VMAs are almost over but I just had to express how I feel!!!

1. WTF Britney?! THAT was the BIG opening?!, All that hype.

2. Rihanna all those costumes and lighting for nothing..WACK!..Horrible first performance for "Disturbia".

3. UMM Im going to need Lil Wayne to pull up his pants, Thanks!

4. Now Ciara, we know thats a wig! Poofy as* sh*t..MESS.

5. Paramore gave the business.

6.JUST LIVE YA LIFE!! JUST LIVING MY LIFE! EEEH!...Rihanna proved she cannot dance if her life depended on it!

7.Christina Aguilera Is So The New Madonna!

8. Ok Why is the Paramount Studio so small?! I know they had better performances due to the movie sets but UGGH!

9. The Pussycat Dolls deserved that award!

10. Why did Britney give the same exact speech two times!?

11. Kanye West looked so old and dirty, P.S you're not Mark Ronson!

Signed Sincerely,
.Viper Crimson.

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