"A Viper Crimson Update"

I've been having alot of thoughts just rushing through my head lately.This year was such a transitional one.I have managed to focus on MY LIFE for once but, call me crazy, I just keep having these amazing dreams and I feel something inside that says a drastic change is coming my way, And I'm so ecstatic!!
The heart is stronger than any foundation you can build on.If I relied on what my mind, I would be fucked up right now lol I'm just so thankful for every single blessing I have recieved, I KNOW I'M BLESSED and I don't need reassurance on any aspect of my life, I know who I'am, I know where I want to go, and I'm currently on the journey to embracing my home...EUTOPIA.

People have always had their own perspective of who I'am, while some may be comepletely false and negative there are those who know me, KNOW ME. Through meditation I have learned to embrace you!

Side Note: I ordered an 8gb green Ipod nano online (not from apple.com, which i should've done!)
and i get it in the mail and I see it was a fake Ipod!!! and i'm Like "this motherfucker here!!!" So i proceed to email the retailer and they responded saying it was made in Japan and that it has more features...ummmm "newsflash i don't give 2 flying fucks!!! I don't care if the shit was made in Egypt!! Send me an original one!" ( and yes I did say all of this because they failed to mention all of this!) UUUGGGHH!! I was highly upset, meditated and now I don't feel like putting their faces in blenders with sea salt while banging their toes with 10lbs hammers and scrapping their heads with pocket knives! : )

"They Used To Tell Me I Was Silly Until I Popped Up On The T.V!"

Hate me or Love me...I'M STILL HERE!

Signed Sincerely,
.Viper Crimson.

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