Double Feature

So I'm supposed to be in the shower...
lol but i got sidetracked by this beast(good thing) dancing in this video
She may have been born and raised to do this type of thing but she's doing it Quite well!
She is DANCING in this video.
Beyonce -Single Ladies

Beyonce: If i were a Boy

t h e o d o r e


This Bug said...

Ok, this Bug weighs in on both vids.

1st one: I don't care how much time goes by- Hurricane B always looks as if she does not have complete control over her movements and could take a nasty spill at any second. In short, she needs to calm her ass down.

2nd one: Luv it! Great concept that makes me like the song even more. Shooting in B & W also gives it a classic feel. Color would have made it too vivid. In short, Me Likes!

zyairasha said...

I must say I enjoy both video's. The videos bring the songs to life. She is really happy she can say she is married now..[lol]

Napolian said...

these videos are definitely good. beyonce is kinda losing it but she still got it lol. i just hope she finds away to stay on top.