Left Alone.

Have you ever felt like you had something good going? That you could have produced something great and could have taken it far. I feel that way right now.
Having people around you that seem to be into it as well, on the same path.

In the past few months there have been a few changes,
as far as our inner circle goes.
Realizing that a few people aren't mature enough to handle things,
realizing that people are selfish and about self.

Myself being a man of many talents and ambitions, goals etc.
I have a pretty good idea about the direction I want my life to go in,
if that means changing some friends, and getting rid of negative energy so be it,
if they can handle it or if they cannot.

With all of this said I Theodore Urban was left alone with this blog.
So this is the time for a name change and a new direction.
I am planning on making moves with this.
Left Alone to do what I think is best.

Over & Out

1 comment:

نوح said...

Some people seem to be canned now-a-days. Which is highly unfortunate. Im like 0BAMA?!

We would think ppl would be encouraged to pursue their dreams. (w/or w/out bama)

Hmm.. heres to living your life like its golden!