Comedic Genius

"In this interview, broadcast in November 1973, three months before MAME was released, Lucille Ball acknowledges she is not a singer or dancer and explains why she thinks that should not be an issue in MAME. Please note that this was well before any portion of the film had been seen by the critics or the public. Even Lucy, herself, had not yet seen any finished takes from the film. Besides Lucille Ball, MAME also featured Bea Arthur, Robert Preston, Bruce Davison and Kirby Furlong and Jane Connell."

It's funny that even back in the booming entertainment years people were being accused of such things. Lucille Ball was a great talent.

I dig the industry now. The glamor and the elegance of being a celebrity is gone. I would love to bring these times back.

t h e o d o r e

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Napolian said...

Honestly she was the love of my life
i grew up watchin her various antics and hilarious situations.
If she were still alive maybe comedy would be too.

I Miss U Lucy!!!!