Siiinnnngggg Choir!!!

We all go through our life wondering whats gonna happen next, as if God doesn't already have a plan. Worrying about what people think about us, when everyone is different.

Be Happy being you.

This is for this years traveling choir, I really think of all of you as little brothers and sisters, you guys always seem to make my day brighter. As silly as we are during rehearsals and performances we always get the job done very well!!!

Lets not mention Italy...lol!!! Oh Boy

Gabby I wish you all the best little sis, keep using your gift.
Maddy & Briiii- We right here mah Gee...lol
Dorine- We started out rough, but I appreciate you, your the funniest Haitian I know...lol
Josue- Mister "Blame it on the Goose" your crazy, i hope you keep developing your gift,
you will be a music teacher one day. Stop denying it!
Beneilda- You better keep singing girl!
Tarina- You know what it is!!!
Daniella & Denitra The babies...please help Blackburn next year, love you 2
Just to name a few!

Ms.Rachel Blackburn words cannot begin to express how much you have impacted my life, I appreciate you more than I can say, thank you for being a teacher, a friend and, an inspiration.

Congratulations to the Graduating Class of 2009
Be Happy Being you

t h e o d o r e


Gabby said...

Stephen...wow...You are simply genuine. More than a brother but a true inspiration.

Remember always think of me wen u look at the moon :]

Shenita said...

I'm so happy for u guys congrates again!

Napolian said...

yall betta sing