Kanye West is annoying, according to Pink. At Stella McCarney's Paris fashion show Kanye West sat next to Pink, and irritated her with his comments about the lack of fur in the show. So in an interview for FHM, through the sun magazine. Pink gave Kanye a piece of her mind!

“Kanye West is the person pissing me off right now. I was at Stella McCartney’s Paris fashion show with the vice president of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, Paul McCartney and Kanye West. The entire time Kanye is going, ‘They need more fur in this show’. He just wouldn’t shut up about how he loved fur. I mean, he’s saying this to me, the PETA guy and Paul McCartney! I was just so grossed out by him. I’m like, ‘You’re an idiot!’ There are so many people who I think are a waste of skin and he’s up there. I should wear him. Go on, donate yourself Kanye. People can wear your fur.” The Sun

Way to go PINK!


t h e o d o r e


Napolian said...


lol Kanye ummm
i wont waste my words
i just love his music
nuthin more
nuthin less

Shenita said...

Lmao!!!! I hear u Pink! Kanye shut up and do ur Paranoid video again piece of shit!

نوح said...

start a fight much?

Brioni Chanel said...

the lack of fur? wtf.