"Under volcanoes and timeless years, within watch of low tones, around corners in deep caves among misunderstood and sometimes meaningless sounds. Cut beggars, outlaws, pinups, and whores, resurrect work. Beyond your distance come earth risen men, deep black and ready, they come with sun baked women, root in their culture and on the move. You hear their feet whisper. Just do what your supposed to do, what you say your gonna do. Not the impossible, not the unimaginative, not copy clothed. As original as songs made with European melodies. Take hold do the necessary, the possible, the simple correct talk of missions interpret destiny, as they put the land and self hood on the minds of their people. You must do the unexpected, do what all people should do reverse destruction. Capture tomorrows."
Don Lee

Destiny? or Happenstance?

t h e o d o r e



I love Haki Madhubuti writing. He's such a beast.

Napolian said...

extremely insightful.
The wording and placement simply amazing