Pop Ate My Heart

Art is still alive.

Some people still have the appreciation for the abstract art within pop music.
This is why Lady GaGa is so popular, in my opinion. Its not that she takes risks, She expresses her art. She is inspiring in many ways, because she is being herself. Nowadays artist are manufactured and are not being true to what they are. It seems everyone is doing it for the FAME. That's all this generation seems to want is FAME.


A lot of this generation is clouding up the lifestyle of ART, and Fashion, and Music. As we know the sun always shines through the clouds. We must clean up these dark clouds in the industry, stop promoting these bad artist, designers, and stylist. Lets leave room for real art.

I know that when I was younger MTV was a place to be all the time. Now it's lacking the art that is Pop culture. In the 90's and early 00's POP ATE MY HEART. Now it seems that my heart has jumped back out. Thanks to GaGa it might be going back

Lady GaGa "The Brain"

Lady GaGa "The Fame

t h e o d o r e


Napolian said...

i must admit she has made a name for herself in a very short period of time. she has a confidence about herself that shows her willingness to let "being who she is" play a normal part in her life

Shenita said...

Owwwwwzzy lol I love Gaga.. I think I might get her re-release..