Generation Now!


Not to long ago we were considered Generation X, but I think its time for a change!

It is the day to be thankful, and on this day am gaining more and more appreciation for this generation. The reason why? I just experienced one of the most inspiring episodes of the Fox Tv hit show "Glee".


I have always been a fan of this show, but this episode was so touching for many reasons.
Relationships were being restored, honesty was being shown, the music choices were perfect for this episode and soooo touching. I wish there was a way i could show you guys the episode, but maybe u can check it out on Fancast.com

Glee is one of the BEST original shows of our generation. Please keep it coming Glee.

As much as I have disliked a lot of things in this generation, I Hope this show is a sample of whats to come.

Truly Inspired,
t h e o d o r e

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Napolian said...

this show is soooooooo dope i loooove it...DVD??? oh hell yes im getting the whole season and the ones that will come later on 8^=)