Photographs & Memories


....Looking back at old photographs, so many memories are there. Through out the years so many things have changed in my life, I mean it's natural for things to change, however I still wish certain things would have remained.


Look at us, we were so close. Tashia, Shaquanna, and Stephen.
It was just the 3 of us, spending those weekends at grandma's house together.
What happened to those days? We looked after each other, we loved each other so much. Sometimes I bothered them, but we were still happy. Playing Super Mario Bros. and getting mad at each other, because we wouldn't give up the controller. Christmas with 2 Christmas trees, getting everything we wanted individually and then sharing with each other.


Now things are different, we grew apart. I still love them just the same but, it seems that we are worlds apart. I will make the first step to reach out. I want that old thing back, and now i have a niece who probably barely knows who I am. Love is in my heart and I truly miss their smiles.

A Loving brother,


Napolian said...

im sure they still love you just as much as well. sometimes we all must go our seperate ways. the thing about family is we dont pick them, friendship with in family is often very rare.
I know how your sisters are, they need alot of guidance to get to the place ur looking for so if your gona go after a relationship with them, be ready for alot of hard work. Be patient and have faith.

i Love You

Anonymous said...

Change is necessary & needed. For some reason people have made it their duty to say that family is needed & i beg to differ. We all are brothers and sister and when we come to trully realize that and embrace it, we'll see that our blood family is an extension of us in only one form. Venturing off to create your own, shows survival tactics & sign of an evolved human. Keep it up. Embrace the present while you let the past go.