Stay Close

Pour me a heavy dose of atmosphere.
As I hit the ground, I'll miss your arms around me.
I'll watch the night turn blue, but its not the same as it is with you.
Drenched in the moons twilight, your face is all I see. I
'll think of you every night. Lying awake although my eyes are closed,
I never sleep the same without you. How I wish you were here.
Your heart's glow is brighter than the moons light, covering it like an eclipse.
You arrive on the wing of an answered prayer. You whisper to me.
"I S E E Y O U.
Just come closer to me, stay here in my heart and keep me in yours, and we will always see each other"
Love is alive again, a journey further in the future.
My heart melts like ice under the sun I call your heart.
We speak as one
"I S E E Y O U"