Mary Beth Patterson

Also known as Beth Ditto, she has single handed changed a lot of peoples views on "Big Girls" A risk taker and an activist, this women is living her life the way she feels is right, no regrets no questions.

"Ditto, who is lesbian, is well known for her outspoken support of both LGBT and feminist causes. She is a close friend of Scissor Sisters lead singer Ana Matronic, and considers her favorite song to be "Oh Bondage, Up Yours" by X-Ray Spex. She courted mild controversy in 2006 when, during an interview for NME magazine, she claimed to have eaten squirrels as a child, saying that "people in Arkansas just do – they'd think you were a freak if you ate squid there!"

Ditto is known for her noticeable stage dances and her unique and revealing image. She classes herself as a punk, and thus does not wear deodorant or shave under her armpits, having once remarked that "I think punks usually smell". She has been lauded for her support of positive body image, despite comments from doctors that she may be causing harm to public health by normalising obesity. She also formerly contributed an advice column on body image to The Guardian newspaper." Via Wikipedia

Ditto is the lead singer of the pop/rock band "Gossip" check out some of their videos.

My Favorite "Love Long Distance"

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