Viktor & Rolf: "Flowerbomb" and "Antidote"

Well I was in Bloomingdales searching for a prom dress candidate for a friend and a retail associate came up to me and offered me to smell the latest Viktor And Rolf scent "Flowerbomb". I was so shocked! The scent was one that sent you into a a Garden of Eden twilight zone. The Ads. for "Flowerbomb" never catched my attention, maybe thats what the scent never really appealed to me. I did some research and the bottle represents a grenade but instead they turned the negativity of the grenade and used it as a positive turing the bottle crystal and using such a chic display you really never notice it's a grenade.

They also had the men Viktor And Rolf scent "Antidote" which I just ordered online lolI'm a really picky person when it comes to colognes I don't like strong neither soft scents. I like my scent to tell a story and make people wonder "Who is he?" lol I know I'm weird!!! and I LOVE IT lol

.Viper Crimson.

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