Yo Watch This! Girlicious (sigh)

Ughh. Here we go again. This "Girlicious" thing they got goin on is not going on. Its a very catchy song and its addicting, but their image has been done before see the "Pussycat Dolls", and they all look like someone else. I know they were molded in the image of the gawwjuss Dolls but they dont have to be exactly like them, from their wardrobe to their looks to their sound.

I feel like this is why the music industry is the way it is, because of this put together manufactured pop junk.

sadly...heres another video "Stupid Shit"

Over & Out,

T. Urban


Anonymous said...

1.I mean like what else was there to expect...it was "Pussycat Dolls presents".

2. The video and song "Stupid Shit" was def some STUPID SHIT!! [ugh]

3. The blonce chick reminds me of Aubrey from Danity Kane...you know..always going EXTRA hard to be seen..[blag]

Tyron said...

1. "Like Me" is a good song. All the futuristic cybersex pop out right now is getting old.

2. "Stupid Shit" sounds like a leftover track from Gwen Stefani's last album. They could do without it.

3. There image is overly sex-driven since these girls are only 18-20 years old and all of there fans are gonna be pre-teen girls. One of the girls looks like Hilary Duff as a stripper.