Viper Crimson's View On The Pregnant Man

Thomas Beatie could be the world's first pregnant man. He is transgender, legally married to his wife Nancy, and now 22 weeks pregant, with the baby due in July. Doctors and people in general have been confused, disgusted, and unsupportive of their efforts to have a child.

I don't know why I'm surprised, I mean I feel that they are both brave and selfish to make this decision. They are brave because they don't care what anyone thinks of them and are willing to sacrifice their "normal" lives to have a baby. I put normal in quotations because today I had a conversation with one of my loved ones and they said " It Isn't Normal!'..I have a question that I always ask people..WHAT THE FUCK IS NORMAL?!?! There are people illegally circumcising young girls and people eating other people!!! is that normal?! but people don't say shit about that! But I do also understand what my loved one was saying by stating that the baby might have birth defects because of the formally women, Thomas taking testosterone shots while still carrying the baby, that is selfish, to allow to fullfil your happiness but putting another life in possible danger.I don't argue with that BUT what I do argue on is that people have closed minds about this issue if that makes them happy then let them be but like my loved one said we do have to draw the line somewhere but I don't believe this is where the line should draw. The line should draw when people want society to accept them having sex with children NOW THAT IS DISGUSTING AND INHUMANE!!

.Viper Crimson.

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