Sunday Shocker!

Ciara played herself again. She wants to be on top sooo bad
that she is doing everything everyone else already did.
She's becoming a bitter.

First it was Janet "Feedback" and now its Beyonce "Diva"

Check the link below

What you say?
She aint no diva!!!

t h e o d o r e


Napolian said...

stupid goon

نوح - The Beast said...


malik said...

Lol What u Say? She Aint No Diva..lmao

Privacy Diverse said...

Lmao omg.


I hate these too.

RJ said...

I really like Ciara. I feel as though I would have more fun at a party with her than Beyonce.

Ciara will have her time.

Damn. It must be stressful as fuck for all these female vocalist who feel as though they are in Beyonce's shadow, so they STRIVE to do their best to be recognized.