Now the media has a problem because, we are proud that we have a black president.

Now in no way, shape, or form do i support everything that these men and women are sayingin these songs, but this is their form of expressing how they feel about the FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES.

How dare they sit and judge how they chose to celebrate.
Their are countless numbers, of biggets in this country(one that just got out of office). It's almost sad how many crimes that probably went on as they were broadcasting that story. The Media is BULLSHIT!!!

t h e o d o r e


Napolian said...

there arent enuff news reports on these crazy white people out here threatening to kill obama because he is black. but they have enuff time to talk about out successful black people who are happy we finally made it to the white house. smh

on the other hand Jay Z and all these black role models out here need to watch their mouths. children are listening and watching. lets start workin out giving black people a good name. then the reports wont have much to say.

The plural of I said...

damn those guys got problems, that's not normal. lol
when they didn't have a black president they didn't miss one, now that they have one they are braggin.

they should just shut the fuck up and learn that true strength is to be humble and jay-z and all of them hip hopers should really learn to watch their mouths. they're no teenies andymore, they are grown ups and sometimes it's better to say nothing than too much.

true victory starts out in our heart (and leaves it through a venomenous tongue).

Privacy Diverse said...

Wow like seriously, -__- it's a shame that I'm saying this, but THIS type of behavior is one of the reasons why I dispise certain black folks. It is really freaking pathetic! I would NEVER in a million years have a thought of Jay-Z saying explicit words like that. Who cares about Jeezy, but Jay on the other hand is ridiculous!