RichGirl' Got IT!


"RichGirl is an R&B girl group comprising Audra, Brave, Lyndriette and Seven. The group was formed with the help of record producer Rich Harrison, and is managed by Tina Davis. The quartet is currently recording their self-titled debut album, which will be released in the summer of 2009."

"The group's name, RichGirl, refers to "a certain attitude and confidence, combined with individuality and talent that any girl might posses", rather than material items. Brave says that their sound is "very honest", and "each song tells a specific story". The group wants to "bring the singing back to the songs", which they feel is lacking in the music industry. The singers describe themselves as a cross between En Vogue and the Spice Girls, citing the individuality, but still being a whole. RichGirl is inspired by the looks, sophistication and classiness of En Vogue." ...Wikipedia

With that being said, listening to their songs it speaks for itself.
When I first heard the name "RichGirl" I was skeptical, thinking oh is this just another group coming out, but when I finally listened to them I heard SINGING. Each of their voices has its own richness to it, with the tracks underneath their vocals it's just a beautiful sound.

My favorite song by them right now features another great artist Chris Brown.
Listen below.

t h e o d o r e

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Napolian said...

crazy dope group
vocals on point
Chris im glad to have u back

this song rox