.....Like No One is Watching

No Matter how much we say...we always care what people think about who we are.
Sometimes we go through pain and sorrow and we hold it all inside, for the fear that other people may think we are weak, and or vulnerable.

We should all learn how to express ourselves in other ways. Extend your emotions through other things, if you cant do it like everyone else, find your way.

The following video is so inspiring to me, because not only are these people talented dancers, but you can feel the emotion as you watch this video. The combination of the music and the movement makes me feel everything I'm going through.

Improving (BTW)

The saying goes "Dance like nobodies watching" let out all of your feelings with every extension of your arm and leg and swivel of your body.

t h e o d o r e


dionna venus said...

Dynamic performance! Im into Fashion but this Inspired me Incredibly! I love your blog, Beyond Inspirational! My spirits are up! Thanks alot!

Napolian said...

this blessed me sooo much when u first showed it too me im inlove with this