I know I havent been updating as frequently but, times are changing for the better.
People have been let go and things have been rearranged in my life.
I feel like a much happier person now that some burdens have been lifted off my shoulders.

Sometimes we as people can hold on to so many things and people in our lives who pretend like they are good for us, but it takes a wake up call to realize that some, act like they are in it for you, but all the while they are manipulating you to see it that way but its all about them.

Some I considered friends now are merely people to me. I just woke up and saw all of the Fantasy and Bullshit they were portraying their lives to be. I didn't want to be apart of it any longer, so I let it go. I no longer speak of any of these people, but I will say this...

"Please do not disrespect me or anything that I do, don't speak of me and you wont notice that i'm around, because everytime my name slips out of your mouth I hear it, Don't get caught up because you'll never be able to let go"

Consider yourself Forgotten

No Hesitation,
t h e o d o r e


XoXo Krissy B.! said...

OMG!!! I feel the same way. I feel as though people are around for a season and not a lifetime. This summer has made me see who loves me for me and whos around to gain off my gain. I can totally relate.

Napolian said...

" keep moving " thats all i can say because when you do, your past gets tired of holding on.