The Queen Performs In Bermuda!

Beyonce` pleased the crowd for two hours straight Thursday night at the Bermuda Music Festival. Unfortunately she didn't perform any new material from her upcoming LP..

Word has it Beyonce` and Solange have collaborated on a song and it just might end up on her new album! This is what Miss.Hadley Dreams had to say:
“I actually wrote a record for her, ‘Why Don’t You Love Me?’ and I’m so excited,” Solange revealed backstage while Beyonce was taking the stage. “It’s kind of a twist to it. It’s not a passive, whiney, ‘Why don’t you love me?’ [song],” she furthered. “It’s basically like you’re a fool if you don’t love me because I’m fly, I’m smart, My money’s right and I don’t
need you for nothing and therefore you should love me.

Random Thought: is it just me or everytime I think of Solange I don't automatically zoom to Beyonce`. Solange has managed to successfully create her own image which seemed impossible living in such a huge shadow. Get em SK!

Leaving this with greatness:

Signed Sincerely,

Viper Crimson